Whilst there are many routes to building a successful business, a miscalculated legal step can put your business at risk and seriously damage your company’s growth potential. This article will walk you through the key steps and documents you’ll need in your first 100 days as a founder to protect your business in the UK.

Before starting

It is vital to make sure that you own the Intellectual Property behind the business idea you plan to commercialise, especially if you are still an employee of another company. If this is the case, you will need to take additional precautions such as…

Terminating a contract is not the first thing you usually consider when entering into a new agreement but it is worth anticipating in the event you need to. A contract may be terminated for different reasons and under certain conditions based on the nature of the agreement or the circumstances of the termination. This article will provide a framework for approaching the termination of a contract which covers all the necessary steps from reviewing your considerations to satisfying your post-termination obligations.

What contract are you terminating?

The requirements for terminating a contract will vary depending on the type of contract you have entered into. Moreover…

Whilst computer algorithms can process information, they can’t easily understand what that information means unless the information is structured. Words and sentences in a document are hard for a computer to understand because they do not always fit a structure which implies a specific meaning. Equally, meaning can be expressed using many combinations of words and sentences which makes the learning process harder for computers. Legislate and Legal Schema are working to solve this problem.

Contracts have historically been hard to process by machines because they contain lots of words and agreements of the same type can be written in…

A Checklist for contracts.

Check, avoid the mess.

Before entering into a new contract it is important to go through a checklist to determine if the contract should be executed or not. This short article will provide some of the key considerations you should tick before signing.

1 is the party who they say they are?

Before paying for services described in a contract or delivering them it is important to verify the other side’s credentials. Certain agreements like tenancy agreements require a verification of the party’s identity or right to enter the contract. For example, it is a legal requirement for every residential landlord to check that…

How to grow your Business

Founders have to overcome many challenges in order to successfully grow their business. Securing investment, hiring a team and bringing their solution to market are just a few of the obstacles they’ll need to overcome before being successful. However, each stage presents its own legal risks which means that they can jeopardize the success of the business even if they seem to have been accomplished. In this articles we present some key legal risks a founder needs to pay attention to:

1. Non-Disclosure agreements

You might need to disclose sensitive information when going through a due diligence process…

How to grow your Business

It might seem surprising but a small business will create hundreds of legal documents each year, even when they don’t have permanent legal counsel. The majority of these documents will be variations of the same templates such as for example employment contracts or privacy notices. In this article we discuss 3 areas where small businesses can save time and costs on their high volume, low value contracts.

1. Templates

Generating a contract from a template is the riskiest part of the contracting process, especially if you are manually editing a word or pdf version. Typos can occur…

How to hire a team in 5 steps

Growing a team is one of the most crucial parts of building a successful business. Hiring too slowly or hiring the wrong people can be painful and derail growth. Whilst it might be tempting to use recruiters or agencies, using them will only amplify the costs if ever you make a mistake. In this article we share our 5 step process for growing a team quickly in 2021 and beyond.

1. Define the gap you are filling

You first need to understand the gap in the team you are trying to fill and how you would like to fill it. Trying to fill in the gap yourself…

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Finding a suitable tenant is an essential element of letting a property. However, there are several steps you need to consider before and after finding the tenant. This article will guide you through the process from start to end.

You first need to establish if you can let out the property. You will need to check you have the permission if you have a superior lease. You will also need to check if you require a licence based on the nature of the property. For example, if your property will…

Last week we highlighted the top 5 features from the Legislate community. In this article we will present the Legislate team’s favourite features. If you would like to join over 900 members who use Legislate to streamline their property and business contracts on no legal budget, sign up today for a free trial.

Amber Akhtar,
Legal Engineer

Most legal solutions will assume that you already have a template which is prohibitive for anyone who doesn’t have a template and isn’t a lawyer. For example, DocuSign offers e-signatures but no way to draft contracts which makes Legislate’s contract builder really powerful…

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It is widely understood that a contract is needed to start a new tenancy, employment or commercial project. Free contract templates are a quick option for kicking off these initiatives but are only a short term solution. Each project will need additional documents and contracts which themselves will require generating and tracking. This article will highlight 3 reasons why you shouldn’t use a one-off contract template and should instead consider longer term options such as a contract creation and management platform like Legislate even if you are unlawyered.

1. The first template is rarely the last template

If you are renting out your property…

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