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Machine Learning, startups and Legislate

My new venture: Legislate

In April 2020 I started Legislate to take the pain out of contracting for the unlawyered, by making the process more interactive and the data more usable. I mainly write articles on the Legislate blog.


Machine Learning 101s

Being in Oxford and working directly with some of the brightest minds in Machine Learning taught me a lot about the key concepts and how to use them to solve problems. Here are some of my attempts to explain and demystify them.

Machine Learning How To’s

At Mind Foundry I was fortunate enough to have access to autoML which allowed me to get my hands dirty with data and build models very quickly. In particular, I focused on applying ML to finance. Please take these how to’s with a pinch of salt as productising is a different story!

More articles without the previews:


I’m the founder of Legislate and a Director of Downforce.

I’m a trustee of The Downforce Trust.

I’m a shareholder in Mind Foundry.

I’m an investor in Oxford Semantic Technologies and OxSonics.

Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn, via Legislate or by email here.




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Charles Brecque

Charles Brecque

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